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Our Method 

When you start a project with Mac Home Remodeling you will first meet with a project manager and have them assess your project enabling them to draw up a detailed estimate of all the work that is to be done. If you wish to proceed, our project manager will go over step by step of your project to make sure everything you asked for is listed. A contract will be drawn up with your specifications, budget, and time line that your project will be completed in.

We take our time lines very seriously and strive to finish before and under budget.

You then will meet with one of our designers they will go over the project with you and help you choose products and colors. They also will show you different layouts and blue prints. We will also provide you with samples of the products you chose or show you a few to help you better choose one. After choosing all your materials, the designer will draw up a layout with all your selections and see how you like it. Once you are satisfied with all the prints and colors, construction will begin.

First the entire project gets prepped (for example if your kitchen is getting remodeled, all entrances will be blocked off with plastic and taped air tight. This will keep all debris contained to only the work area). When we enter your home, we will lay plastic down from the front door to the designated work area this ensure we keep your floors and rugs the way we found them and don’t damage or get dirty. Your project manager will walk through each phase of the project to make you understand exactly what is going on in your home.

Mac Home remodeling wants to make sure customers know what work is being done and why. We also like to gain trust with our customers and have them feel comfortable that what needs to be done is getting done to the specifications outlined in the contracts as well as up to code standards. We do not put band aids over anything. If any issues come to light during construction we will bring them to your attention and make sure they are taken care of properly. This general method is why you should choose Mac Home Remodeling.

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